Rig-Man Services

Ari ”Pepe” Toroi, founder of Rig-Man, has been delivering sailboat masts and riggings over period of 30 years.

Pepe started making sailboat masts in 1978 in Helsinki and has a vast experience of sailing, including Whitbread Round the World Race, severalPepe Atlantic crossings and racing and cruising in various places around the world.

Pepe has been delivering during the years, numerous masts in Finland and surrounding areas, Russia and Estonia.  Wires, ropes, splicing and different rigging works are daily routine at Rig-Man work shop. Building new and servicing and repairing old masts, booms, poles and associated products is also regular tasks, carried out at Rig-Man.

All kind of masts and rigging works can be carried out by Rig-Man services.

Rig-Man is importing and dealing with several brands of sailboat hardware and technology.

Many leading manufactures in the world are trusting Rig-Man`s professionalism.

Why wouldn’t you do the same?


  • Production masts by OEM
  • Tailored masts
  • Standing and running riggings
  • Furling systems and deck gear service and repair
  • Re-fitting and repair