Rigging, wires and ropes

We offer designs, engineers and manufactures superior rigging solutions featuring high-strength steel alloys and materials for all  types of yachts and superyachts around the world.



BSI A/S is a World leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Rod, Wire, Fibre Rigging and Components to the Marine and Architectural markets. For more than Three decades BSI A/S has demonstrated continual commitment to growth, investment and dedication to World Wide Customer Support.

New-build and refit for superyacht and custom projects for vessels up to 125m (410′) and OEM boats up to 37m (121′). BSI A/S designs, engineers and manufactures all rigging components in-house. BSI A/S currently supplies 85% of the rod and wire rigging for European OEM’s. For the rapidly increasing composite market, BSI A/S has entered into collaboration with leading suppliers of composites to provide the very latest materials and technology. BSI components are consistently lighter and more aerodynamic than the competition’s, along with the unique and versatile manufacturing capability of BSI A/S enabling BSI A/S to offer a high level of flexibility, rapid response time, and dedicated customer service to our clients.



Our new field in rigging business is enviromental technology. Our principal Blue Wave  is scandinavian high end producer for stainless steel fittings. Modern architecture knows Blue Wave well!

Pioneering Rigging Technology Since 1932

Blue Wave’s product range covers the most extensive ranges of stainless steel wire fittings available, and a wide range of rod rigging components. The high quality stainless steel products and components, is widely used in the Marine, Architectural and industrial sectors. Key factors for Blue Wave are innovative design, low weight and optimal strength to the products.





The Seldén Group is the world´s leading manufacturer of mast and rigging systems in carbon and aluminium for dinghies, keelboats and yachts. Product range has also been extended with deck hardware. Production is made in many different parts in Europe and also in Hong Kong.

Well known brands are Seldén and Furlex .




ropes2LIROS is recognized as a world leader in the manufacture of Hi-Tec yachting ropes, kitesurf cords, paragliding lines and a wide range of industrial cordage. With the new factory LIROS continue to manufacture in Germany in order that we can control every part of the production from start to finish. This factory is 10.000 square meters and has been layed out using the most modern flow systems which ensure maximum efficiency allowing LIROS to maintain its competitive position in the world of rope manufacturing.





Hampidjan’s DynIce and DynIce Dux ropes have frequently been used on some of the highest profile yachts in the world. From the Americas Cup, TP 52 MedCup and Volvo Ocean race yachts to the new breed of super yachts, Hampidjan ropes have given outstanding performance and have become the number one choice among rigging professionals throughout the yachting industry.


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